Saturday, February 5, 2011

Last bitter-sweet

So my last days at Drew University are quickly dwindling away.
I am happy that I will be recieving my Masters this year, but there are so many obsticals I must overcome that are still in my lets take a look

Plans for the Present (aka graduating)
1) In order to delay my loan payments I had to be considered a full-time student. Therefore I needed to take a class on top of my thesis work. The class I chose is interesting and will help me with my understanding of Irish history in the long end, however its readings and papers are def cutting into my thesis time.

However my time is not spent 50/50 with those two lets take a dive into other projects/activies I devote my time to:

2) I'm still working at the General Commission on Archives and History for The United Methodist Church. I work here 15 hours a week, it's the bane to my existance because its what pays the bills...its also teaching me the many skills and abilities I will need to perform in future job this is equally important...which divides my time 33.3/33.3/33.3...But oh wait there is more! of course silly!

3) I was asked to present one of my papers to an Irish conference in Savannah, GA. So what the heck I thought I'd give it a whirl. I answered to the call of papers AND my paper got accepted...wooohooo? I HATE public that should be fun... A lot of my friends and advisors from school will be traveling there as well so it shouldnt be that bad...and it will look GREAT on college/job resumes...right? So as of right now that leaves my time to 25/25/25/25

4)And then there is my time spent as the History and Culture Convenor...I basically am the link between students, the faculty and the GSA. I am supposed to voice out the opinion of the masses and bring peace and prosperity into the minds of those in the History and Culture Program...also good for the resumes...and getsme more involved with what really goes down here on Madison Ave. Leaving my time at 20/20/20/20/20

My time also has to be spent job/school searching for future plans which means
a) school applications (in Library and Information Science) AND
b) job resumes (in libraies, museums, schools, etc etc)

Most of the schools need Essays and applications which = time...while most of the jobs require that I have a degree in Library and Information science...I will lump these two together...leaving me at 16.7/16.7/16.7/16.7/16.7/16.7 equally shared time between my activites I must perform before graduation

I also need to throw in sleeping/working out/eating (and drinking...just to keep me sane) which leaves me a grand total of 14.3/14.3/14.3/14.3/14.3/14.3/14.3 equally divided proportions for my last months here at again, I'm happy that I'll (hopefully) be graduating this semester...but at the same time I'm equally terified of how it will take place

This post's song:
"Bitter Sweet Symphony" - The Verve

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