Friday, October 15, 2010

That was a crazy game of ....apples to apples?

Following our weekly trip to the campus pub, we thought it would be a great idea to continue our fun and play apples to apples....with a box of wine, a handles of Beam, two bottles of  Long Trail Double Bags and Baileys (and no it was not drunk of a boot...). For those of you who have not experienced apples to apples....I am sorry...but it is a game where you receive 7 "noun" cards and you have to match it to an adjective the best you can with the cards which you are given...One person is to judge the options, and changes each round.  Sometimes a "correct" item is chosen, while other times a less appropriate, but more humorous card wins the round...those who have the most green cards at the end of the game is the "winner." However, when playing with a good bunch of friends on a drinking night, there really are no winners or losers.

It got me thinking though. How each one of us thinks so differently, when a given adjective is placed down...while some of us would appreciate the humor of a less appropriate noun, others might become appalled and be quick to discard such an opinion.

all this drinking and fun had me on roll, and I thought why not bring up a touchy subject!! My favorite...Let's put a group of my closest and dearest, in an awkward situation while in a night of drinking of fun! My curious mind brought up the Abortion issue...deep...maybe too deep for some, but it was defiantly interesting to see what people had to say about the topic...just like the game of apples to apples, some agreed with each other, while others were appalled and disagreed full heartily.  It is important for me to state that I believe that there is no correct answer to such an issue, that valid points can be made for either side, and how I respect both opinions of the matter.  However like many issues there will those who agree with it, and those who don't, there are also those stuck in the grey area in between.

Regardless of this little social experiment that I threw at my friends, we still had a great time and stayed up til the wee hours of the next morning.  Thus creating the best game of apples to apples that I've played in a long time!

Apples to Apples to Apple, Fiona
"Fast as you Can" - Fiona Apple

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