Sunday, October 3, 2010


Another aspect of a person's identity is to have similar beliefs in a common notion. Whether it's the music you listen to, the books you read, the food you eat, there are many qualities that unite a community together.

One of the most dedicated of these topics is the sports team. In retrospect, I consider it more of a culture. There are many different levels of fandom ranging from supporter to die-hard fanatic psychos.

Whether you watch the game on a TV at home with close friends and family, at the bar with new friends and family, on the radio, or live at the stadium/area itself. These supporters ban together into an community which creates it's own identity. An identity which gives you the feeling of belonging. You can watch the game 10,000 miles away, and if you spot another team supporter, you become instant friends, you are rooting for the same team, the same family, the same identity.

It's always the same goal in mind for these supporters of sport...whether you are a fair-weathered fan, or an over-obsessive fan...whether you have played the sport maybe once in the past, or have followed it religiously through newspapers, magazines and TV programs...we're all trying to make a community that we feel home at, no matter how far away from reality that it may be.

"The Sporting Life" - The Decemberists

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