Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mmmmm Grease

Hangovers...a drinkers worst enemy. They sneak up on you to remind you how much "fun" you had the night before. The windowless room becomes too bright, your stomach feels as if there was an victim of assault, and your senses are heightened so that the smallest noise, smell or movement is multiplied by 500%. However how does one cure the feeling of a hangover? Sleep? The Hair of the Dog? or my personal favorite, the greasy home cooked meal, aka heart-attack on a plate.

Why is it that after a night of heavy drinking that many of us turn to greasy food the next morning? If drinking three meals worth of calories did not do the trick the night before, why continue to add on the calories the next day? Besides the deliciousness of some grease soaked food, there is some science behind why many of us prefer to add on the extra calories. 

Not only does Alcohol reduce our inhibitions to make some (sometimes) bad decisions, but it also affects our appetite control in our brain. However, to beat the hangover to the punch, many have advised to eat a nice greasy meal BEFORE your night of drinks. By doing this, a layer of fatty grease lines your intestines so that it helps to slow down the absorption of alcohol that you intake. Eating greasy food the following morning seems to be more psychological than physical, but I'll take it...with a huge glass of water on the side.

Song of the Week:
Jimmy Buffett - "Cheeseburger in Paradise"

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