Saturday, April 23, 2011

New York on a Budget Part 1

This weekend two of my friends from home came up for a visit, and to paint the town red.  Since NYC is just a stone throw away, we decided to spend the day in the Big Apple.

Our first stop: Coney Island.
This week it was a bit chilly to fully enjoy what Coney Island has to offer, however it was still wonderful.  With it's campy atmosphere, carnival rides and famous Nathan hot dogs, there was no wrong doing here.  We spent $6 dollars to take a ride on the Wonder Wheel. One of my more adventurous pals persuaded us to go on the "swinging seats." This, as I found out, is not ideal for those who have a death-defying fear of heights. While my one friend was smart enough to ask to get off after one go round, I decided to risk my life, and or sanity to stay on the ride, not to leave my friend solo.  You can not go to Coney Island and not enjoy a Nathan's hot dog.  I ordered mine with peppers and onions, while my other friend ordered a chili cheese dog, bot options were less than $5.00 and well worth the long wait in line.  The D, F, N, or Q will take you straight to Surf Ave, to show a different side of New York City.

We then headed over to McSorley's. A neighborhood favorite since the 1850s, McSorleys is one of the city's oldest Irish bars.  The atmosphere is great, and the beer is better! There are only two options, light or dark. And with every $4.50 order, you get two glasses of the stuff. It is probably one of my favorite spots in the city, and a must see, just for history's sake.

Our Third stop was Kabin Lounge. Located on 2nd ave between 6th and 5th, this divey bar has been a favorite of mine for two years now, especially with its 2 for 1 happy hour special on anything you want. PBR, while not classy, is affordable at $3 for 2, or if you want something a little stronger get the Jameson and Ginger Ale for $6 for 2. With a guaranteed seat in the bar, you and your friends can finally have a chance to sit down and catch up.

Hungry?  2 Brothers Pizza has a great deal and some GREAT pie! For $2.75 you get 2 large slices of pizza and a soda. There is limited seating in the establishment its self, however there are plenty of curbs and stoops to find in the East Village that will accommodate you while you enjoy your slices.

It was great having my friends up to visit, I love getting to show them around! One thing I did learn however is to never offer to give a Piggy Back Ride after a few drinks, well unless you like having a chipped tooth, bruised leg, scratched nose and scrapped I didn't think so either.

Song of the Week:
"Low Budget" -The Kinks

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