Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring has Sprung


Having spring show up weeks after its official date of March 20th is old news. Winter weather has always lingered around longer than one would like for years. Heck this year it snowed on March 20th...not a very welcoming gesture for the 1st day of spring if you ask me.

Following the snow, has been days and days of rain...cold, bone shivering rain. As the saying goes "April showers, bring May flowers." I actually don't mind rain, but when you add it to 40 degree windy weather, my attitude towards mother nature goes sour.

However, TODAY, Madison, NJ, opened it's arms wide and welcomed Spring; with its big bright sun, moderately warm temperature, birds chirping,  deer grazing, squirrels chasing squirrels, daffodil's blossoming kind of day.  So before burrowing into the depths of the New York Public Library's Microfilm department, I took advantage of Spring and went for a nice jog around town.  I clearly was not the only one with such a fabulous idea, for the streets were filled with my community neighbors trying to get a little exercise in before mass  on a beautiful day today.

So "Get up, get out spring is everywhere"

Song of the Week:
"Spring Fever" - Elvis Presley


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