Thursday, September 16, 2010


This summer I had the privilege to get to work down at the Johns Hopkins Main Campus as well as Good Sam! I was able to help  a really awesome lady with a stressful job of an administrative position, but above all I got to work next to and meet some of the best doctors in orthopaedic surgery at of the best facilities in the world. While some doctors were more personable than others, I was given a window of understanding to what their lives were really like...not some soap opera way of understanding that I have had before via Greys Anatomy and General Hospital...these men and women were real and live interesting and honorable lives!

This morning when I woke up I was reading a few of my friend's face book statuses that came on the main feed and realized that something had gone wrong at Hopkins and that it had been closed down with SWAT team members around the building...a gunman was at the hospital. Fear was the first thing that ran across my mind. Yes Yes, I know many people who work at the hospital, but one very important lady in my life works there as well! I quickly raced across my wooden floor to dial my mom! She was safe!

While talking on the phone with her I found out that the doctor who had been shot was one in the very department that I got to work in over the summer! The gunman was not happy with the surgery that the doctor had given so wanted "justice" by shooting the doc in the abdomen! News and rumors are flying amok down in Baltimore still. The gunman has been found and stopped...there are speculations that he might of killed himself as well as his mother.

We live in a crazy world, without this kind of unnecessary drama! Did it give the gunman satisfaction to shoot at the doctor and cause strife on his family let alone every other person who walked the halls of the hospital this morning? We have been told by officials that the doctor should be ok, and that in all places to be shot, Hopkins was the right place to be!

I just hope that one day we can live in a place where violence is not used to express one's feelings...

"One" -U2

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